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Dal Alert


What is Dal Alert?

Dal Alert is an integrated messaging service provided by Dalhousie University. More general information about Dal Alert can be found on our home page. If you require additional information please direct your questions to dalalert@dal.ca.

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When will Dal Alert be used?

Dal Alert will be used in the following circumstances:

  • a campus hazard ( spill, fire, accident, etc. )
  • a significant campus closure ( severe weather, utility outage, etc. )
  • other unpredictable events that might impact large groups
Due to the unpredictability of the events described above, Daligonians should expect significant variability in the frequency of Dal Alert messages. We may periodically broadcast a test alert to ensure the functionality of the system if it has not been used for some time. Daligonians will be informed prior to any significant test broadcasts, and should generally expect at least one Dal Alert message per term, and reasonably perhaps a handful per year.

For further details about weather related closures please read this recent Dal News article.

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Which wireless carriers are supported for text messaging?

Dal Alert text messaging is a short code messaging service provisioned under the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association ( CWTA ), Dal Alert should support all wireless carriers listed in the CWTA supported carrier list. In general, this list includes all major Canadian wireless carriers. (As of September 2014 Eastlink is now a supported carrier)

US carriers are not supported.

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How much will Dal Alert cost?

Dal Alert is a free service, including Dal Alert text messaging. Dalhousie does not charge subscription or usage fees, and we have made special arrangements to absorb the associated usage fees for our subscribers.

If your phone renders any part of an alert into a link, and if you follow the link, standard data fees may apply. The appearance of links in alerts will vary across mobile phone makes, models, software versions, carriers, and subscription plans. Dalhousie has limited control over the appearance of links, and has no way to absorb any associated data fees.

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How do I subscribe to Dal Alert text messaging?

Dalhousie & King's students, faculty, and staff can subscribe to Dal Alert text messaging through our subscription page. ( NOTE: Your NetID and password will be required to login )

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What if I have trouble subscribing?

If you do not receive your confirmation key, you should:

  • check that your number and carrier are correct using the 'resend my confirmation key' button on the subscription page ( both will be displayed on resend ).
    • If your number is incorrect you should click the 'cancel my subscription request' button on our subscription page, and start over.
  • check that your wireless carrier is on the CWTA supported carrier list.
  • verify that your cell phone can receive text messages by asking a friend to text you.
  • contact dalalert@dal.ca for further assistance.

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I just subscribed online - what's next?

After you complete the two-step subscription process ( submitting your cellular number & validating your confirmation key ) you will receive a text message and an email confirming your subscription. You will now receive important alerts by text message. To verify your subscription, at any time, you can use the 'test my subscription' button on the subscription page.

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What if I switch wireless carriers?

Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) regulations restrict us from following subscribers across carriers. If you switch carriers, the next alert we broadcast will be denied by your previous carrier, you will be unsubscribed, and you will be notified of this by email. After switching carriers, to get back in the loop, you should cancel your subscription and re-subscribe, which can all be done at our subscription page.

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What if I cancel my wireless service or switch numbers?

If you cancel your wireless service or change your mobile phone number you should unsubscribe your former number from Dal Alert so the potential future recipient of that number is not unexpectedly pre-subscribed. You can then subscribe your new number to Dal Alert if you wish. All of this can be done at our subscription page.

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How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe from Dal Alert text messaging through our un-subscription page. If you are a current Dalhousie student or employee you cannot unsubscribe from Dal Alert email messaging. Nobody can unsubscribe from Dal Alert web messaging ( i.e. alerts posted on our web sites ), or other Dal Alert messaging platforms that are not individually directed ( e.g. campus displays, residence TV, etc. ).

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I don't have a cell phone. How will I be notified of important Dalhousie events?

Dal Alert uses a variety of messaging media ( e.g. email, text messaging, web, etc. ) to reach a broad cross-section of our community in a timely fashion. Dalhousie will also use other methods as appropriate ( e.g. radio, person-to-person, print media ) to distribute important information.

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