Dal Alert
HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA | CANADA B3H 3J5 | +1 (902) 494-2376

Dalhousie University's Integrated Messaging Service

Dal Alert is an integrated messaging service used to broadcast important information to Daligonians in events like campus hazards ( e.g. spill, fire, accident, etc. ), significant campus closures ( e.g. severe weather, utility outage, etc. ), or other unpredictable events that might affect large groups. Dal Alert uses a variety of messaging media ( e.g. email, text messaging, web, etc. ) to reach a broad cross-section of our community in a timely fashion.

Sign up for Dal Alert Text Messaging

Only those who have subscribed to Dal Alert text messaging will receive text message alerts. We encourage all of our students and employees, if they have a mobile phone that can receive text messages, to subscribe to Dal Alert Text Messaging, a free service that will allow Dalhousie to broadcast important information directly to you. Subscribe now.

Have questions or need help?

Our Dal Alert FAQ page provides more information on our text messaging service and other related topics of common interest.